READY Robotics

READY Robotics

A robotics company developing and supplying robots for industrial automation.

READY Robotics is a robotics company developing and supplying robots for industrial automation that is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio and was founded in 2016 by Benjamin Gibbs and Kelleher Guerin.

Forge O/S

Forge O/S is a drag-and-drop flowchart programming interface for controlling and automating robots. It provides a common operating system for use across many robotic brands such as Yaskawa, Fanuc, Universal Robots, ABB, and Kuka. The Forge O/S platform allows users to control every component of industrial robots, peripherals, PLCs, and machine tools.

Task Canvas

Task Canvas is the user interface for robotic automation made by READY Robotics. It is a drag-and-drop, flowchart based, touchscreen interface that does not require users to have coding experience to program robotic automation workflows. READY Robotics claims is takes two days of in-depth training to get users fully trained on how to use Task Canvas for programming robotic automation tasks.


Forge/Sight is the industrial internet of things (IoT) and analytics dashboard provided by READY Robotics. It automatically records data tied to each work cell and organizes it into a production dashboard to view real-time data, store all data in the cloud, and allow mobile viewing of data.


Forge/Ctrl is made for the Forge O/S and Task Canvas platform and is capable of interfacing with machine tools, PLCs, vision systems, force sensors, and other robotic peripherals using standard I/O interfaces such as fieldbus connectors and pneumatics. The Forge/Ctrl platform is IP54 rated and is a pre-packaged industrial personal computer. Out-of-the-box features of Forge/Ctrl include: 6 peripheral pneumatic outputs, 4 end effector pneumatic outputs, wifi and LAN connectivity, dedicated RS485 port for end effectors, 8 input 8 output 24V I/O expandable, dedicated 24V I/O for end effectors, and a PLC breakout box.


Forge/Station is a customizable robotic automation system featuring a robotic arm of the users choice mounted to a mobile base and powered by Forge/CTRL with Task Canvas. Forge/Station can machine load and unload, pick and place, handle different materials, inspect parts, be used for palletizing, case picking, screw and nut driving tasks, and pneumatic tasks. The company claims their Forge/Station products can launch an automation pilot within 45 days, reduce programming task time by 80% compared to similar products by using task templates, and does not require a protective cage for its use.


February 25, 2020
READY Robotics raises a $23,000,000 series B round from Emerald Development Managers, GreenHawk Capital, Micron Ventures, RRE Ventures, ENIAC Ventures, Canaan Partners and Drive Capital.
December 2017
READY Robotics raises a $15,000,000 series A round from ENIAC Ventures, Drive Capital and RRE Ventures.
November 11, 2016
READY Robotics raises a $3,800,000 seed round from ENIAC Ventures, Emerald Development Managers, Sagamore Ventures and RRE Ventures.

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Ready Robotics funding round, April 2018
December 2017
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