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Priscilla Chan (philanthropist)

Priscilla Chan (philanthropist)

American pediatrician and philanthropist

Priscilla Chan is an American pediatrician and philanthropist, married to Mark Zuckerberg. Chan was born in Braintree, Massachusetts, on February 24, 1985 and grew up in Quincy, a suburb of Boston. Her parents were Chinese immigrants from Vietnam who fled the country in refugee boats.She grew up speaking Cantonese and served as an interpreter for her grandparents. She has two younger sisters with all siblings born in the United States. Chan's father owned a restaurant in Massachusetts, which he later sold to run a wholesale fish company in 2006. Chan was voted "class genius" by her classmates and graduated valedictorian of her class from Quincy High School.

Chan entered Harvard University in 2003, where she met and began dating Mark Zuckerberg. During her time at Harvard, she participated in the Franklin Afterschool Enrichment program. After graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, she taught science at the private Harker School for a year, before entering medical school at the University of California, San Francisco in 2008,where she finished her pediatrics residency in 2015.

She is the first college graduate in her family.


February 24, 1985
Priscilla Chan was born in Braintree.


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