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PrettyLitter is an e-commerce company in the pet technology sector that develops and distributes cat litter which changes color in response to biomarkers in liquid and solid feline waste.

Prettylitter is a lightweight litter that monitors feline health by changing colors when it detects abnormalities in a cat's urine.


Prettylitter was invented in 2015 by an American pet wellness company founded by Daniel Rotman which also goes by the same name. After the passing away of his cat, Daniel developed the idea of an early-detection, health-monitoring litter than can alert cat owners of a potential medical issue before it becomes a serious problem. The Prettylitter technology was developed with a team of Veterinarians and pet wellness scientists.


In April of 2015, the Prettylitter company participated in DraperU, a Silicon Valley startup program that guides early-stage companies through the process of researching and building their products or services. Prettylitter was one of the winners and earned an early pre-seed investment from Draper Associates. While attending DraperU, Prettylitter participated in the TV reality competition StartupU that aired weekly in August 2015 on ABC Family. With the pre-seed investment and participation on the show, Prettylitter launched a pre-order campaign in late 2015 for the first Prettylitter orders that began shipping to customers in December 2015.

In August 2016, the company participated in Gener8tor, a highly competitive startup accelerator with a less than 1% acceptance rate.

In December 2016, PrettyLitter closed a venture capital round with high profile investors including Brian Lee, Sam Yagan, Tim Draper, Chris Abele, Corazon Capital, BAM Ventures, Sand Hill Angels, and CSA Partners.


Prettylitter offers a direct-to-consumer subscription service that delivers a one month supply of litter to a customer’s home on a monthly basis.

Awards and recognitions

2017 - Credit Donkey Best Subscription Box2017 - CB Insights 70 Top Pet Companies targeting the pet industry



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