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Oisin Biotechnologies

Oisin Biotechnologies

Oisin develops anti-aging treatments that target and remove senescent cells, a type of damaged cell that is unable to divide, accumulates during aging and contribute to age-related diseases.

Osin Biotechnologies is a biotechnology company using DNA-targeting interventions to reduce pathologies associated with aging and to increase longevity that is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and was founded in 2014 by Garry Hudson and Matthew Scholz.

Oisin is targeting senescent cells due to their connections with age-related diseases. Senescent cells are cells that have been irreversibly damaged and cease dividing. The mechanism is thought to prevent damaged cells from turning cancerous. Senescent cells secrete molecules causing inflammation, which normally attracts immune cells for clearance of these cells but aging results in accumulation of these cells. Clearing of senescent cells has been shown to reduce negative effects of aging and to extend lifespan in mice.

SENSOlytics is the proprietary technology of Oisin. The system introduces an exogenous apoptotic gene transiently into cells that is expressed only in cells that have an active p16 gene. Expression of p16 is a characteristic of senescent cells. The senescent cells are induced to commit suicide and their system is reduces senescent cells by 80% in cell culture and significant reductions are reported in naturally aged mice.

Founding investors include the Methuselah Foundation and Sens Research Foundation and other investors include Kizoo Technology Ventures and the Methuselah Fund.

Spinout company OncoSenX is using similar technology to target and kill cancer cells.


May 27, 2021
Oisin Biotechnologies raises a $5,000,000 seed round.
Oisin Biotechnologies was founded by Garry Hudson and Matthew Scholz.

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