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Numerical Control Computer Sciences

Numerical Control Computer Sciences

Numerical Control Computer Sciences is a small American company that develops multi-axis machining software in the machining industry otherwise known as Computer-aided design, Computer-aided manufacturing, computer-aided engineering. The company is alternatively known as NCCS.


NCCS was founded in 1974 as a NC service bureau on the West Coast of the United States with the aim to develop a different type of Computer-aided design software that emphasized in using a complex four and five-axis system.

After a short period of time NCL software was created which was to be used with 5-axis machinery in the CAM industry and was designed to be used for advanced manufacturing.

NCCS decided to expand their software by developing a Post Processing solution named PostWorks. This was created to expand the usability of NCL but was also available to use with other Computer-aided design software.

In 2003 a Limited company was created and is operated in the United Kingdom, since founded the company has expanded and now has re-sellers globally.


NCL 5-axis machining software is a Computer-Aided Manufacturing system designed to provide flexibility in creating tool paths to produce machined parts.

The latest release was in November 2016 named Version 10.200.

NCL is used across Europe by well-known companies such as Airbus

After some time developing software in the Machining Industry new software was created by the name of PostWorks, which is known as Post Processing Software

Their software is used globally including Europe and America but is also used in China.



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