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NayaTel (Urdu: نیا ٹل‬‎) is a Pakistani integrated telecommunications company active in cable television, interactive multimedia development, video on demand, cable telephony, wireless communication and Internet access services. Owned by Micronet, it primarily serves the Islamabad-Rawalpindi metropolitan area and Faisalabad.


NayaTel was the first FTTH service provider in Pakistan, who launched the network in September 2006. This also made it the first company in South Asia as well.


NayaTel offers home packages with speeds ranging from 3 Mbit/s to 10 Mbit/s.

Higher speeds can be availed for specific time periods using NayaTel's Bandwidth on Demand (BOD) feature, this allows the user to log into the customer portal, and request for additional bandwidth during hours specified by the user.


Along with traditional analog cable, NayaTel also offers Digital Cable and Video-On-Demand. This allows for the user to view content in High Definition and watch movies and serials on demand.

Core Network

NayaTel's Core Network is backed up by bandwidth from Transworld Associates and PTCL (PIE). Cisco hardware is used in NayaTel's core network and it is set up in a ring topology to automatically route traffic on an alternate path in case of a failure at one of the PoPs.


NayaTel is available in most areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, with the exception of Defence and Bahria, for which NayaTel has not yet been granted NOCs to lay the fiber network. In November 2016, NayaTel announced that their services would be available in Faisalabad.


During 2011, NayaTel ranked 2 on the list of Pakistan Fast Growth 25, a ranking of fast growth entrepreneurial companies. The Pakistan Fast Growth 25 is a program of AllWorld Network in partnership with Harvard Business School Professor Michael Porter and was launched in collaboration with JS Bank Limited.



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