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Natural Fiber Welding

Natural Fiber Welding

Natural Fiber Welding is a Peoria, Illinois-based company developing a scalable fabrication platform that can offset the global dependence on petroleum-based, human-made materials.


Natural Fiber Welding (also known as NFW) is a materials manufacturing company that specializes in developing and producing sustainable materials. It was founded in 2015 and is located in Peoria, Illinois. To develop its sustainable materials, the company uses plant-based alternatives for materials that are generally based in what could be considered environmentally harmful practices, such as the use of animals or petrochemicals. Natural Fiber Welding develops and manufactures materials that are similar to leather, foam, and other textiles. The company also develops technology platforms to expedite the manufacturing routes of the products.


NFW has two products that are used for the manufacturing process of the aforementioned sustainable materials and textiles. The company states that it leverages responsibly-sourced natural polymers for its products so they can be recycled in various capacities.


CLARUS is a platform that uses green chemistry principles and closed-loop processes to manufacture its materials from virgin and recycled natural fibers. The platform stimulates intermolecular bonding in natural polymers so the material that is produced is stronger. The company states that the platform enables its partners to end dependence on synthetic plastic fibers for their products, which reduces the potential for micro-plastics to end up in the ocean as a result of their products.

An example of how MIRUM can look

MIRUM is NFW's plant-based material. It can be used in a variety of contexts, such as the automotive, fashion, footwear, and upholstery industries. The material is recyclable and customizable so it can be made to look like other materials, including leather or carbon fiber. The material is made at NFW's plant in Illinois, which is operated with renewable wind energy. It is produced in 68X70 centimeter panels, and the company plans to expand the measurements in which it is available.


NFW has partnered with influential brands, including Stella McCartney, Allbirds, Pangaia, Reformation, IWC, Ralph Lauren, and Patagonia. Many of the brands use CLARUS and MIRUM to manufacture their products.


April 12, 2022
Natural Fiber Welding raises a $85,000,000 corporate funding round from Advantage Capital, AiiM Partners, BMW i Ventures, Central Illinois Angels, Collaborative Fund, Engine No.1, Evolution VC Partners, Gaingels, Lewis & Clark Ventures, Raga Partners, Ralph Lauren Corporation, Scrum Ventures, Tattarang and Tidal Impact.
August 13, 2020
Natural Fiber Welding raises a $13,000,000 venture round.
The company's textile, MIRUM, is developed.
The company begins development on its first platform, CLARUS.
Natural Fiber Welding is founded.

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