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Myriad is a molecular diagnostic company.

Myriad is a molecular diagnostic company and a leader in multiplex immunoassay development and testing. Myriad-RBM has spent more than 20 years internally developing and manufacturing multiplex immunoassays validated to clinical laboratory standards for the Luminex xMAP® technology. Since 2014, the company has applied these skills to building ultrasensitive immunoassays on the Simoa™ platform to quantify protein biomarkers previously difficult or impossible to measure.

The Myriad-RBM platform combines Luminex and Simoa microsphere-based immunoassays with the precision and dependability of automated liquid handling systems, advanced quality monitoring, validated data reporting processes, and a well-trained and dedicated staff including project managers. Myriad-RBM as a biomarker testing laboratory provides the effective approach to measuring biomarkers from a variety of biological samples.

Myriad-RBM’s CLIA certified biomarker testing laboratory, is located in Austin, TX and it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Myriad Genetics, Inc. (MYGN), a leading molecular diagnostic company based in Salt Lake City, Utah which develops and markets novel predictive, personalized, and prognostic medicine tests.



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