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Is an Italian company that specializes in preserved food, particularly in the tomato sector, founded in 1899 in Piazza di Basilicanova, a district in Montechiarugolo, in the province of Parma.

Mutti is nowadays the most beloved tomato brand in Italy.

Firstly established in 1899 the Company has been run by the Mutti Family ever since and with its fourth generation is today managed by Francesco Mutti who continues to strongly believe in the values that have let this brand become the most loved Italian tomato brand.

Mutti has always worked to guarantee the quality of its tomatoes, investing both in research together with innovation. For more than 100 years the focus has always been the quality. Starting from the selection of seeds and peasants and carefully controlling each single step in the whole process of harvesting and production, Mutti guarantees high quality standards and reliability for its products.

Recognised in 1999 with the Integrated Production Certificate and certified GMO-free in 2001, only by using Italian tomatoes, Mutti is strongly committed to be loyal to the values of the family tradition and to share them via their products.

Working for Mutti means joining a business that is quickly growing on an international scale. Once you have joined us you will find yourself working within a strongly determined team aiming to succeed always with integrity and actively participating in challenging work projects.




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