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Mira Rehab

Mira Rehab

MIRA Rehab is a digital health company that is combining video games with the world of physiotherapy and rehabilitations.

MIRA Rehab is a digital health company founded in 2012 by Alina Calin, Andrei Cantea, Cosmin Mihaiu, and Liviu-Andrei Dascalu. The company is known for combining the world of video games with physiotherapy and patient rehabilitation.

MIRA Rehab is developing MIRA, a product that is used to make physical therapy more captivating for patients who are recovering from a surgery or injury. MIRA uses the mechanics found in existing physical therapy exercises and implements them into video games, using an external sensor to track and analyze patient progress.Cosmin Mihau, one of the co-founders, was inspired to make a product like the MIRA after experiencing the long recovery process endured after breaking his arm. The team works closely with clinicians and physiotherapists to ensure their games would capture promote specific body movements. The MIRA uses a motion-sensing Microsoft Kinect to follow patient movements.

Therapists are able to create personalized instructions and schedules for each patient. Therapists are able to select from twenty different games to provide an engaging recovery, and can be used for physically therapy and/or mental health development. All available games are designed to reach any age group. The basic software packages are valued at £2,500 a unit, but patients are able to safely recover at home while data is sent to their therapist for analysis and monitoring. The technology is particularly popular among patients recovering from strokes and with patients that are diagnosed with MS.


January 13, 2019
MIRA Rehab participated as an exhibitor at Arab Health
January 8, 2019
MIRA Rehab participated in CES Las Vegas
November 12, 2018
MIRA Rehab participated in the MEDICA Trade Fair
September 26, 2018
MIRA Rehab participated in REHACARE
August 29, 2018
MIRA Rehab participated in the Medical Fair Asia
March 13, 2018
MIRA Rehab participated in the Wearble Technology Show 2018
November 13, 2017
MIRA Rehab participated in the MEDICA Trade Fair
September 1, 2012
MIRA Rehab participated in the Healthbox - Europe cohort


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