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Maven Wireless

Maven Wireless

Maven Wireless is a Kista-based company developing wireless technology, including distributed antenna systems (DAS).


Maven Wireless is a developer of wireless coverage solutions to help customers maximize the bandwidth and capacity of their wireless infrastructure. The company's products contribute to public safety by offering wireless coverage for critical services, such as those used with tunnels, trains, metros, stadiums, or buildings.

Maven Wireless's products include patented technology for energy efficiency to reduce the cost of ownership, and they have a particular specialty in distributed antenna systems (DAS). The company also suggests their products are engineered for easy installation with automatic configuration to reduce installation time and improve the capability for the products to upgrade to future generations of wireless technology.

The company was founded in 2016 by CEO Fredrik Ekström, CTO Mike Lewis, Jonas Edlund, and Martin Wetterholm and is headquartered in Kista, Sweden. The company was founded with the goal of developing digital, upgradeable, and performant products for wireless technology.


The series of products offered by Maven Wireless includes the following:

  • The Orion Master Node, which can carry eight RF band modules and MIMO and carrier aggregation support
  • The Helix digital head unit, which offers a rack-mounted digital unit supporting all generations of mobile coverage
  • The Stratus, Cumulus, and Nimbus digital DAS remotes, with various output power levels and supporting various multi-standard operations
  • The TOR digital repeater, with a built-in modem and embedding up to four cellular bands
  • The Exo and Strato digital off-air, high-power repeaters.



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