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Macomics Ltd

Macomics Ltd

Macomics is an Edinburgh-based immuno-oncology company.

Macomics is an immuno-oncology company that has expertise in macrophage biology. The company focuses on the development of novel, immunotherapies designed to modulate macrophages, improving the immune defence of the body against tumours.

The company's formation and in-licensing of its technology has been facilitated by Edinburgh Innovations, the commercialisation service for the University of Edinburgh. Macomics was spun out from the University of Edinburgh and it has an approach that is based on academic research in macrophage biology, specifically in cancer, from the laboratory of Professor Jeffrey Pollard, the Director of the MRC Centre for Reproductive Health at the University of Edinburgh, who worked with co-founder Dr Luca Cassetta.

Macomics comprises of biotechnology industry experts who have experience working extensively in research and development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.


November 6, 2018
Macomics Ltd was founded by Dr. Elizabeth Roper, Dr. Jane Dancer, Dr. Krzysztof B. Wicher, Dr. Luca Cassetta, Dr. Robert Haigh and Prof. Jeffrey W. Pollard.

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