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Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares

Puzzle-platform horror adventure game developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment

Little Nightmares: Everything You Need To Know About Six :

The protagonist of Little Nightmares, the secondary hero of Little Nightmares II, and a supporting character in Very Little Nightmares is none other than Six. She is nine years old and is perhaps best known for her iconic bright yellow raincoat.

In all the games (as well as the DLC expansion Secrets of the Maw and the digital comic book), Six is always trying to do one thing: survive. The series features a world where atrocious monsters are rampant and Six will do anything (and everything) that it takes to make it out of there alive.

Updated December 17, 2021 by Tom Bowen: With Bandai Namco having recently referred to Little Nightmares as one of its "Headline IPs," the future is looking pretty bright for Tarsier Studios' fantastic horror series. In fact, this isn't the only positive exposure that the franchise has received as of late either, with its Japanese publisher having also set up a live-action art display to promote its latest installment at the 2021 Tokyo Game Show. This should come as great news to fans of Little Nightmares and its loveable yet slightly terrifying star, Six. For those who are still unfamiliar with her, here's everything one could ever need to know about Little Nightmares' Six.

While most of the characters in the games are adults, Six is a child; not only that, she is tiny. Six is not even a third of their height and has an extremely thin frame. She sports a black bob-cut hairstyle with bangs that cover the entire top portion of her face. Only her nose and mouth are visible.

Six is most recognizable in her bright yellow raincoat with three buttons, two pockets, and a hood (that she usually uses). She wears no shoes and only possesses a little lighter. That being said, in Very Little Nightmares, Six is seen in a white short-sleeved shirt, and in Little Nightmares II, she wears a stained button-up and a cardigan.

Six May Be Evil :

It is not an easy pill to swallow but there's a strong possibility that Six may genuinely be an evil character. She is the anti-hero of the games. When coming across other children throughout them, Six does not even think twice about trying to save them. She ignores them.

The player also finds out that Six has an insatiable hunger that must be quenched with anything or anyone. In Little Nightmares, a Nome approaches Six to offer a sausage to consume. Instead, she eats him (and leaves behind the sausage).

Six Hates Vegetables :

Another clue as to Six's evil nature can be found whenever the young child is eating. A darker version of herself can usually be found whenever she's scoffing down food, though this isn't the only interesting fact regarding the character's diet and eating habits.

At the start of Little Nightmares II, Six rejects help from Mono (even though she clearly needed it). Only when it becomes necessary does she team up with Mono and save him whenever it benefits her to do so.

Additionally, Six is apprehensive to help from The Girl in the Yellow Raincoat in Very Little Nightmares. She actually saves her from the Pretender too at one point (though to no avail, unfortunately).

Six Is One Smart Cookie :

While Six may come off as a literal wild animal, she is actually quite intelligent and sly. Whenever being chased, Six can dodge and throw her enemies off guard by using her surroundings whenever the opportunity presents itself​​​.


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