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Lendingblock is a cross chain securities lending and borrowing platform for the cryptocurrency economy.


Lendingblock is a securities lending platform for cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Users can lend and borrow cryptocurrencies against a collateral of other cryptocurrencies, in a completely decentralized and private manner. The Lendingblock ecosystem is self-contained, allowing for fully collateralized lending and borrowing of crypto-assets. The exchange is the most important component and is what connects lenders and borrowers transparently, so both parties get the best execution. Lendingblock is open and in real-time, using the market clearing interest rates for fairness.

LND Token

LND is the native token of the Lendingblock platform, and as such is the sole medium through which interest payments are paid on loans. By using LND for these functions, Lendingblock is able to reduce the cost related to exchange fees. The presale for LND lasted from April 7 to 14, 2018 with an allocation of 450 million tokens (45 percent of the total) and a 20 percent bonus. The effective price of LND was $0.01666667. The main sale ran from April 15 to 29, 2018 with 100 million tokens (10 percent) allocated and no bonus for an effective price of $0.02. Overall, the soft cap was $5 million with a hard cap of $10 million, a figure that was met with $10 million raised in total.


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