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Kickstart Seed Fund

Kickstart Seed Fund

Kickstart Seed Fund is a early seed venture fund specialising in start-up investments.

Founded in 2008 by Gavin Christensen, Kickstart Seed Fund is a early-stage venture capital fund based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Working with local universities, angel investors, entrepreneurs, venture capital funds, and other key stakeholders, it looks to build a seed fund. Kickstart Seed Fund is the most active investor in Utah.


Kickstart Seed Fund invests in Utah, Arizona, surrounding states, and the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. It invests between $50,000 and $750,000 in across various sectors. Investments include Big Squid, RAGS and MarketDial and exits include Teem, Capshare and GroSocial.

Kickstart Seed Fund has raised a total of $139.2 million across 3 funds. Fund II raised $26 million in 2013, Fund III raised $39.2 million in 2015 and Fund IV raised $74 million in 2018.

Kickstart Collective

Kickstart Collective is a community platform which brings all the knowledge across their networks directly to their portfolio companies and gives their portfolio companies an opportunity to access to each other so they can share knowledge. This is done through their community platform by bringing together CEOs and other executives in their portfolio for forums, learning sessions, and other events throughout the year.



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