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Itential is an Atlanta-based network company developing intelligent network automation tools for multi-domain networks.

Itential is a developer of a network automation software designed to simplify and accelerate cloud automation. The company's software connects IT systems with network technologies for end-to-end network configuration, compliance, and automation. The Itential platform is a low-code, scalable, network automation solution for physical, virtual, and cloud networks. The platform is intended to be a vendor agnostic solution.

Partner programs

Itential has two partner programs: the Itential Channel Partner Program and the Itential Technology Alliance Program. Both programs are intended to help Itential build integrations with network and cloud technology providers. Both partner programs offer partner resources, including Itential Academy and Training Courses, where partners can develop network automation skills through self-paced training courses: Itential Platform Overview, where partners can receive an overview of Itential's low-code network automation software, and Itential Developer Hub, where partners can go through and develop tools and technology to design, build, and run network automations.

Example members of the Itential Channel Partner Program include Amartus, Cisco, Devoteam, GDT, Logicalis, Lumen, Stream Networks, Tech Mahindra, Trace3, and World Wide Technology. While example members of the Itential Technology Alliance Program include Aviatrix, Cisco, Cloudify, Exfo, Forward Networks, Intentionet, Kaloom, Netrounds, RedHat, and Versa Networks.


Itential's network automation platform is a low-code automation software and cloud infrastructure for physical, virtual, and hybrid multi-cloud networks. The platform is intended to be vendor agnostic and connect to any IT system, cloud, or network technology for end-to-end configuration, compliance, and automation.


The platform is intended to allow for automated routine network maintenance to help network operators focus on higher-order network needs and to automate configuration and compliance, so golden configuration standards to ensure both traditional and cloud networks remain in compliance. This service is intended to work across all aspects of a network domain, including cloud, IP services, network applications, branch/SD-WAN, datacenter, and multi-cloud.

Diagram of Itential's solution for platform integration.

Itential intends for the platform to be capable of integrating with all parts of a network ecosystem, including integrating with CLI and API technology for integration with authentication, cloud, controllers, orchestrators, DevOps and NetOps tools, inventory, ITSM, notifications and messaging, SD-WAN, security, and telemetry and analytics. This is through Itential's aggregated network API through which a user can monitor and control different IT systems.


Itential also intends their platform to enable network teams to build automations using Itential's low-code, drag-and-drop automation studio for visual automation workflows. This is to allow network teams to build workflows using Itential's out-of-the-box collection of pre-built automations for simple and reusable network automation capabilities, and to allow users to publish network automation to network and IT teams for self-service automation with logging capability.

Itential's pre-built automations include automated services, such as:

  • Test IAP Connectivity
  • VLAN Configuration EOS
  • Ansible Port Turn Up
  • Push Bundles to GitLab
  • Aviatrix Create MCNA Transit
  • Aviatrix Transit Gateway Deployment
  • Forward Networks Intent Checks Verification
  • ServiceNow Incident Creation
  • JIRA Issue Creation
Use Cases

Itential suggests different use cases for the company's network automation platform, especially for the upgrading, migrating, and provisioning of new network elements where network automation can accelerate the move to software-driven networks or the development and maturation of existing networks.

Suggested use cases

Use case

5G Mobile Edge Computing

Where automation can help with orchestration and deployment of new mobile edge computing sites and can help configure the infrastructure components to reduce manhours.

Device onboarding

Where automation can provide faster device onboarding, reducing the overall onboarding process and resulting in potential more customers a month.

DNS Updates

Where automation can reduce overall DNS management and deployment.

Firewall Configuration Change

Where automation for firewall configuration changes can increase accuracy and mitigating down time.

Golden Configuration Compliance

Where automation can simplify the compliance process from opening to completing IT tickets and the configuration check and remediation process.

Load Balancing

Where automation of a load balancer can reduce inconsistencies and cycle times to improve customer retention and satisfaction.

SD-WAN Branch Management

Where automation can integrate multiple domains under an end-to-end approach and reduce the time it takes an organization to deploy and manage SD-WAN from weeks to days and save time on branch management.

Software upgrade

Where automation can replace operational tasks, allowing organizations to perform upgrades and reduce overall upgrade times from days to hours and reduce overall human effort in the upgrade tasks.

Virtual Private Cloud Networking

Where automation of the provisioning and management of private cloud networking organizations can offer faster deployments, reduce risks of configuration errors, and offer an audit of changes.

Case studies

Case study

Answering the call for telecom innovation: Navigating network automation through meaningful collaboration

British multinational bank teams with Itential to reduce years to load balancer migrations to months

Deutsche Telekom: the automation journey of an integrated telecommunications company

How Telecom Italia built end-to-end network automation to increase efficiencies and reduce time to market

Itential automates router provisioning and activation for major U.S. communications company, reducing time by 70%

Large financial institution leverages Itential to automate load balancer requests for 80% increase in time savings

Large U.S. domestic airline eliminates configuration-based downtime by implementing golden configuration across 3,500 routers with Itential

Lumen automates and orchestrates its network operations to drive business transformation with Itential

Major U.S. airline leverages Itential to automate software upgrades, reduces time from 4 months to 4 hours

Major U.S. communications company automates SD-WAN services to recognize 10% increase in revenue

ONUG Keynote: S&P Global achieves "same day" delivery of network services through automation with Itential

S&P Global enables self-service to deliver network services same day through automation with Itential

The power of network automation: les hardware, reduced time to market, and better product offerings

U.S. telecommunications giant automates router upgrades, accelerates cycle time by 4,400% with Itential


June 2, 2021
Itential announces a partnership with Kaloom to deliver networking and automation capabilities for communication service providers and enterprises shifting to 5G networks.
May 5, 2021
Forward Networks and Itential announce a partnership for seamless integration between the companies' two platforms to deliver closed-loop network automation.
April 13, 2021
Itential raises a $20,000,000 series B round from Elsewhere Partners.
October 30, 2019
Itential's network automation software wins TechTarget award
September 25, 2019
Itential launches API services for NetDevOps implementation
January 31, 2019
Itential announced it has added more capabilities to work within Cisco's Network Services Orchestrator in order to speed up automation for enterprises.
September 27, 2017
Itential raises a $5,500,000 series A round from Elsewhere Partners.

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