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Ispolink is the world's first Metaverse based cross-chain platform for developers, leveraging BSC and AI

Ispolink is in the process of developing

and maintaining a novel cross-chain

platform for developers powered by

Binance Smart Chain and Polygon‘s

layer 2 scaling technology (“Ispolink

Platform”). The Ispolink Platform empowers blockchain firms to source seamlessly industry-leading talents with

internal AI-powered algorithms.

Ispolink’s interoperable blockchain

ecosystem enables scalable decentralized payments powered with the ISP

token. Ispolink Platform’s end-to-end

solution provides firms with a full set

of tools to easily and efficiently navigate the entire selection

process. The entire process is managed in the

company dashboard panel, ensuring a smooth

transition between the

recruitment stages, improved visibility for the

internal stakeholders,

streamlining of the processes and

automation. The project is connecting

promising tech companies with an exceptional pool of professionals around

the globe.

Prior to accessing and reading any information displayed in this Whitepaper, please, refer to the section “LEGAL INFORMATION” and find out whether

you are eligible to continue accessing the information as well as to educate yourself regarding the risks, lack of reliance, warranties and the non-binding

nature of the Ispolink White Paper

The Ispolink Platform has been designed to resolve the main issues that

businesses encounter in a specific

niche - the IT and blockchain sectors,

where the demand exceeds the supply for highly skilled and tech-savvy professionals. Moreover, with the

advancements and breakthroughs

in technology, there is a constantly

growing demand for seasoned Blockchain Developers, Cloud Engineers,

Software Developers, Data Scientists,

Product Owners, Information Security

Specialists, System Analysts as well as

people management and creative jobs

such as UI/UX Designers, etc.


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