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Islamic Coin

Islamic Coin

The currency of the Haqq ecosystem. Serves Muslim Comminity. Promotes Islamic values.

Islamic Coin — purposeful community crypto asset. It’s used as a native coin on the Haqq blockchain. Each time a new Islamic Coin is minted, 10% of the issued amount is deposited into a special. Evergreen DAO for further investment into projects beneficiary for Muslim community or given to Islamic charities. This is the first introduction of a coin bringing direct economic value to a community.

Haqq Blockchain — Haqq (Arabic for truth) is a Proof of Stake blockchain network compatible with the existing ecosystem of Blockchain tools and developer instruments (primarily, Ethereum and Cosmos) and meeting modern industry requirements, with fast-finality and high transactions troughtput. Haqq’s purpose is to serve the international Muslim community by providing a financial and technological tool that allows for independent financial interaction, while supporting technological evolution and philanthropy.

The Evergreen DAO is a non-profit virtual foundation focused on long term sustainability and community impact. It effectively works as a crypto endowment. In some cases described below, Evergreen DAO also may fund activities necessary for the Haqq network evolution. Key decisions are made by a council that consists of Haqq network validators whose contribution to the network stability and security is the greatest.


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IslamicCoin: Shariah compliant digital money


August 1, 2022


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