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Indusface Pvt Ltd

Indusface Pvt Ltd

Indusface Pvt Ltd is an Indian cloud-based application security company.

Indusface was founded in 2004 as a Security Consulting outfit with its headquarters based in Vadodara.

In 2005, the company established partnership with Entrust for SSL.In 2010, Indusface launched Web Application/Malware Scanning known as IndusGuard. In 2012, the company sold IndusGuard Application/Malware Scanner to Trend Micro.

In 2013, the company re-branded and pivoted to be a product company and changed its name to "Indusface Pvt Ltd" with focus on SaaS based AppSec products. Between 2014 and 2016, Indusface roped in and extended its management team bringing in a new CTO, Chief Architect and Head of Products and launched Indusface Web Application Firewall. The company also established partnerships with AWS TAS solution and launched the product on AWS marketplace.

In 2017 Indusface launched AppTrana a fully managed Cloud WAF with a free trial option and self service model. In 2019 Indusface announced a Strategic partnership with Tata Communication to bundle a CDN service along with AppTrana.` In 2020 Indusface raised Growth Equity Capital and is funded by Tata Capital Growth Fund.

Indusface offers web application security through managed web application scanning and web application firewall available as Software as a service (SaaS), On-Premise and through the AWS Marketplace.



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