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ISPApp is a cloud management system for MikroTik RouterOS routers.

ISPApp enables internet service providers and network operators to utilize a central cloud controller for automatic provisioning, monitoring, and managing different routers at the same time. It offers a single cloud dashboard alongside enterprise cloud management features for different kinds of network devices to streamline the expansion and maintainance of networks.

Users can copy and paste ISPApp's MikroTik RouterOS script into their routers in order to turn them into cloud-managed Wi-Fi routers. They will then be able to control their fleet of MikroTiks from a central cloud dashboard. They will also be able to automatically configure, monitor, and manage their MikroTik routers, including their OpenWRT, SNMP, and TR-069 CWMP devices.

Users also receive email alerts when routers go offline. They can see the number of Wi-Fi connected devices and their signal strengths, latency charts, and real-time traffic and bandwidth charts. They can also utilize a browser web shell for remote terminal access. ISPApp bulk commands or server APIs can be used to upgrade firmware, run scripts, change passwords, set internet plan speeds, and auto-disconnect subscribers who do not pay.


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