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IGis is a manufacturer of glass for commercial purposes.


IGis is a South Korea-based company that specializes in manufacturing double-layered glass. It was founded in 1995 under the name Inchang Industrial Co., Ltd. and now goes by IGis. The company is a subsidiary of City Labs (formerly known as Daily Blockchain), a company that specializes in smart city solutions. IGis has offices in Gwangju and Tokyo. The company predominantly produces glass for South Korea, but 30 percent of its production is for export purposes.


IGis is one of the leading companies in South Korea that specializes in automatic double-layer glass production. Its facilities use automated robots for production, and the demand for its products continues to grow as the South Korean government, and much of the world is implementing policies that call for energy efficiency. The glass produced by IGis is double-layered, thus insulating heating and cooling energy that would normally escape from windows.

The glass that can be produced has a minimum size of approximately 12" by 20". The thickness of the glass can range from approximately 1/8" to 3/4". A gas is pumped between the two layers of glass to provide extra insulation. Types of gas that can be used include argon, krypton, or a mixture of the two. Extra layers of glass can be added to the production and provide more insulation. An auto sealing robot that finishes the production process of the glass and makes it ready for shipment.


IGis is founded.


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