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Hiventures is an investor in East-Central Europe with 50 billion HUF of European Union and HDB funds.

Hiventures is an investment firm that provides seed, pre-seed and growth investments through its venture capital programs. The firm was founded in 1999 and it is based in Budapest, Hungary.

The Hiventures mission is to promote innovative ideas for the present and the future, and thereby contribute to the development of a sustainable and value-creating startup ecosystem in Hungary.

Hiventures is a state-owned venture capital company as well as a member of the European Union and the Hungarian Development Bank Group's own funds, capital of HUF 50 billion to help domestic enterprises and innovative startupokat incubation, defying investment and growth stages of life.


Hiventures' investments include Neticle, IUM Development,, CodersRank, StageHive, Glassling, Biopeszticid, Campsule, Now Technologies,, FilmFinity and Evotrex.

Their exited investment include E-Ventor Tech.



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