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HeedX is an artificial Intelligence company building messaging convergence platform founded in 2016.

Heedx is a Paris based Artificial Intelligence company that builds a platform that converges messaging from multiple sources in a single application. Heedx connects with emails and popular social media networks to managed and interact with the customers. The app serves as a dashboard for social media messaging and insights in sales, support, and marketing.


Heedx’s messaging convergence platform is targeted towards companies who want to manage communication, marketing, and customer support through multiple platforms. Heedx allows interaction through any communication medium the customer decides to use. The app interface acts as a dashboard for messages without having to switch between multiple applications or tabs. Heedx can integrate with social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram VK, and Skype. The platform provides user management for collaboration with multiple team members. The platform offers its service in multiple tiers based on user allotment, report generations, and support.

Data from messaging are used to help companies get more insights into their customers. Heedx uses machine learning with natural language processing to categorize and assist users in handling the overwhelming number of messages sent through multiple social networks.


The Headx team started working the artificial intelligence platform from 2015 . The team members all work remotely are mainly from France with a few members from USA, Denmark, UK, and Singapore.



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December 1, 2021


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