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HC Vityaz

HC Vityaz

HC Vityaz is an ice hockey team founded in 1996.

The modern Vityaz was founded in 1996. Initially, the club was based in Chekhov, in the Venyukovo microdistrict, and played in the Major League. The matches were played outdoors. Then, since 2000, it began to be based in the city of Podolsk, Moscow Region. On February 16, 2004, the municipal institution of the Chekhov region, the hockey club "Vityaz" (Chekhov), was created. On March 16, 2004, the club was accepted into its composition by the general meeting of members of the Professional Hockey League. He became the successor of the Podolsk "Vityaz", after which the team again moved to Chekhov. And soon he returned to Podolsk again.

Plays in the Kontinental Hockey League. The team has not yet won trophies, the best result for the team is several playoffs, where Vityaz lost in the first round.


Founded Hockey Club Vityaz



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