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Galital is a multi-chain NFT marketplace build on Polkadot.

What is Galital?

Galital is a cross-chain NFTs marketplace build on Polkadot technologies. It allows you to transfer and create your NFTs from any chain (currently planned support: BSC, ETH, AVAX, Polkadot, Kusama, Flare Network) into Galital. Enjoy low fees transactions and fast transfers. Buy / Sell NFTs in our marketplace, or just create your own to sell or pool and earn the reward. Galital is also developing his own blockchain-based video game. It’s time to use blockchain technologies for real-world usage.

Governance and Treasury

Galital is based on the substrate framework, so it benefits from a true decentralized governance system built directly within the blockchain itself. Among other things, it allows any $TAL holder to have a voice in the evolution of the ecosystem. Through governance, it is possible to submit proposals to help Galital evolve, submit bounty to direct the development of different products or even to offer tips to reward the work done by the community.

Governance is divided into 3 distinct groups:

  • The technical committee ensures the stability and safety of the blockchain. They are therefore able to submit emergency motions to council, once validated by the council, these motions apply in a shorter time frame than the classic motions. This chamber is reserved for members with an excellent knowledge of the blockchain and the Galital source code.
  • Council members vote on motions and expenditures of the treasury (mission / tip). Their role is central and their mission is to make the ecosystem evolve by validating the proposals made by the community. They are elected by the community and their mandate currently lasts 7 days. The seats on the council are open and any $TAL holder can submit his candidacy.
  • Holders of $TAL can vote to elect council members, make proposals to improve the blockchain, propose missions or carry out missions. They are the heart of Galital and it is thanks to them that the ecosystem evolves and moves forward.

It is thanks to this governance system that Galital users can have a strong impact in the evolution of the ecosystem. It is no longer a single entity that has the power, but the entire community. In order to support the different evolutions of the blockchain, the treasury is a crucial mechanism allowing Galital to support itself without the help of a third party. It essentially allows the community to be able to set up remunerated missions to develop new products, do marketing, add new bridges or any other proposal deemed relevant by the members of the board and validated by the community.



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