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FINXFLO is a global cryptocurrency exchange aggregator designed to help traders access the best prices.

Created by industry leaders across finance, tech, law and compliance, FINXFLO strives to provide a world-class trading experience for retail and institutional investors globally. As the world's first hybrid CeFi/DeFi liquidity and protocol aggregator, FINXFLO brings a one-stop solution for all cryptocurrency traders and investors. Using only one account with one KYC, users are now able to utilise liquidity from various CeFi and DeFi platforms through a single user interface.

In simple terms, FINXFLO brings the upside of CeFi and DeFi ecosystems onto one single platform.

FINXFLO`s proprietary smart order routing algorithm distributes the user’s orders across multiple exchanges simultaneously to achieve the best buy and sell prices, whilst reducing the slippage from large orders.

Blockchain 3.0 Asset

A natural blockchain 3.0 asset, the FXF Token is an ERC-20, BEP-20 and TRC-20 standard token simultaneously, acting as a gel between previously detached technologies and synthesising a significant part of the cryptocurrency multiverse into a mutually related sustainable entity.

Through this multi-network existence, the FXF Token opens the door to cross-chain interoperability, allowing the trading of previously impossible pairs and opening up significant arbitrage opportunities.

Cryptocurrency Assets

FIXFLO works with 35+ liquidity providers to give you access to more assets and tokens for trading.


FIXFLO built their own ETH ⬌ BSC and ETH ⬌ TRON bridges exclusively for theirs FXF community to swap and trade

Trading assets on Ethereum is getting more expensive by the day, not to mention increasing gas costs of transactions.

To mitigate this for users, FIXFLO looked at multiple providers in the space but could not find any that met its requirements. Hence, FIXFLO`s created its own ETH ⬌ BSC and ETH ⬌ TRON bridges that can transfer its FXF Tokens with minimal fees.

With these two bridges, it is now the first to build bridges between Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and TRON, enabling its tokens to be tradable across all three blockchain networks.

Building these bridges ourselves provides a unique solution for users to have fast and inexpensive transactions on their desired network.


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