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Fanfury is a daily fantasy sports platform that brings trust-less play-to-earn gaming to everyone.


Fanfury is a virtual gaming metaverse that combines Daily Fantasy Sports, RPG Lore & Blockchain Mechanics, in a dystopian science fiction environment to easily introduce blockchain concepts into fantasy sports gameplay, and remove fundamental hurdles in the Fantasy Sports Industry.

The Problems of Furya
  • Excessive risks for players
  • The exploitation of identity/information
  • Regulatory repercussions
  • Total irrecoverable loss of funds Vulnerability to manipulation
  • High Fees
  • Unpredictable risks for corporate and private bookkeepers
  • Regulatory repercussions
  • Government confiscation of funds
  • Frozen assets
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Centralization as the core problem
  • Trust requirements
  • Centralization of power, control
  • Non-distributed systems
To the birth of Fanfury

Fanfury uses Application-Specific Blockchain and a 2nd layer network controlled by Data Oracles, to solve the issues of security, scaling, and incentives. Additionally, Fanfury offers an economic linkage that creates a deflationary and self-regulating economy.

Through decentralized governance and contract fees, structural mechanisms balance Fanfury’s token value by dynamically adjusting supply based on the current exchange rate and player volume in the Fanfury network—all while avoiding single points of failure and implementing a network with a fully decentralized system.

Economics of Fanfury

As Fanfury is decentralized, private, has lower fees and a compelling value proposition, Fanfury has the potential to win substantial market share in the long run through safer mechanisms built into the Fanfury model.

It will have a powerful and overwhelmingly positive effect on the Fanfury economy, and long-term token value.

This will be achieved through Protocol Owned Liquidity as well as Treasury Assets-Backed Tokens.

Growth of the $FURY Economy

Value Association, creates an extraordinary value proposition for fantasy sports players, and for investors at every scale.

Value coupling: price tied to usage.

  • Price dynamically affects burn rate
  • High priced $FURY = declining burn rate (market stabilization)
  • Stable price helps participants predict potential winnings
  • Higher prices are always a win
  • Low priced $FURY = accelerating burn rate (mitigates inflation)
  • Self-balancing system
  • Price declines are temporary

The $FURY network reduces the risk to value and protects holders of $FURY tokens by linking playing volume to coin supply. This value association between usage and supply is a built-in deflationary mechanism that destroys 40% of the fee from every bet. With fees of 5%, the net result is 2% of every betting pool permanently removed from the network.

For example, if the price falls dramatically, significantly more outstanding supply is destroyed with every game because games now require more $FURY. Conversely, if the price rises dramatically, significantly less supply is destroyed. Over time, this leads to less market volatility and an asset value that more accurately reflects both adoption and usage.

At any point in time, the price of $FURY combined with the volume of bets defines how much deflation takes place on the $FURY blockchain. $FURY is designed to be more than a blockchain, it is designed to be a responsive and price-linked economy.

Tokenomics & ICO/IDO

The hard cap for maximum token issuance is 420 million tokens.

The token distribution will be as follows:

  1. 18.81% (79M tokens) are reserved forGamified Airdrop for Luna Stakers.
  2. 1.19% (5M tokens) are reserved forWhitelist Airdrop
  3. 2.5% (10.5M tokens) will be allocated tothe Angel round
  4. 2.5% (10.5M tokens) will be allocated toPre-sale, IPC and Pylon pools.
  5. 7.5% (31.5M tokens) will be allocatedfor Community and LP Incentives.
  6. 5% (21M tokens) has been allocated forthe Seed Sale
  7. 9% (37.8M tokens) will be allocated forthe Private Sale
  8. 6% (25.2M tokens) will be allocated forthe Public Sale
  9. 9% (37.8M tokens) will be allocated forMarketing
  10. 3.5% (14.7M tokens) will be allocatedfor Advisors
  11. 15% (63M tokens) will be allocated forthe Team
  12. 10% (42M tokens) will be allocated forthe Treasury
  13. 5% (21M tokens) will be allocated forLiquidity
  14. 5% (21M tokens) will be allocated forEcosystem

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