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Fabric Systems

Fabric Systems

Fabric Systems is a crypto hardware technology startup aims build two products – a liquid-cooled bitcoin miner and a computer processor for advanced cryptographic algorithms such as zero-knowledge proofs.

Fabric Systems believes hardware determines the boundaries of humanity's collective creativity and imagination.

We are building hardware for cryptography acceleration because we believe that the future of cryptography and decentralization is approaching, with Zero Knowledge Proofs, Fully Homomorphic Encryption, Verifiable Delay Functions, and more. These algorithms have the potential to revolutionize how trust, privacy, and identity work in our society, as well as fully connect blockchain with the real world.

The problem is that today’s hardware takes minutes to hours to run them, thereby limiting their widespread use and most powerful use-cases. We need to build the hardware of tomorrow.

Our goal is to accelerate this new era of cryptography algorithms so they can run in milliseconds. With speed comes scale, connectivity, and everyday usability—making it possible to imagine and build a new future based on new rules for what’s possible, in decentralization and beyond.



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