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FC Kuban Krasnodar

FC Kuban Krasnodar

FC Kuban Krasnodar is a russian association football club in krasnodar founded in 2018.

On 17 May 2018 it was announced that FC Kuban had dissolved because of bankruptcy. On 5 August 2018, resurrected by fans and former FC Kuban footballers, the team played its first official match in the Krasnodar Krai Regional League.


Football first appeared in Kuban during the early 20th century, when a number of sports clubs were created in Ekaterinodar. The first matches were intra-club, and football competed with other sports; however, interest gradually grew and friendly matches were played between clubs in different cities. The first intercity football match was played in Ekaterinodar on 6 August (or 9 August) 1912 when the Achilles club (or an Ekaterinodar city team with Achilles players) defeated Novorossiysk Olympia 5–0. Since 1913, when the first city championship was played, matches between city teams (Achilles, Sport and Victoria) have become common.



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