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One of the first projects to exchange collectible NFTs for REAL real «Evil NFT» merch by shipping them at Evil World NFT's expense.

Around only an ominous dark universe, each cosmic body of which is inhabited by various mysterious creatures. The creatures are so unimaginable and unexplored that it takes a lot of time to study them before you can catch them. We have at our disposal a real, and most importantly, high-quality Evil NFT merch!
What is Evil World NFT?

Evil World NFT is a promising project, around which there is only an ominous dark universe, each cosmic body of which is inhabited by various mysterious creatures. The project has a collection of real Evil NFT merchandise, which you can get just by ordering home delivery.

Where is NFT Evil World NFT traded?

AtomicHub and NeftyBlocks. Future plans for the project include expanding the mysterious universe to other blockchains and their platforms.

Why collect Evil World NFTs?

Evil World NFT is a young and promising project on AtomicHub, the collection of which is supported by real, and most importantly, high-quality Evil NFT merchandise.

Why the WAX ​​Blockchain?

First of all, it is the safe sale and trading of NFTs, cheap and fast transactions, one of the most convenient and affordable blockchains to use. In addition, WAX is one of the most environmentally friendly blockchains compared to Ethereum and others.

How can I get Evil NFT merch?

You need to collect all the samples of a certain collection from a mysterious planet. After that, craft merchandise will be available, the delivery of which is carried out to your home (within the CIS countries) at the expense of Evil World NFT.

Meet our team

We are a fairly small team consisting of a designer working with big marketing companies and a cryptocurrency influencer.


Middle UX UI designer, Dsigner generalist, Illustrator. Worked with large marketing companies. In his arsenal, he has vast experience in artistic photo processing and drawing vector illustrations.


A fairly well-known influencer, leading several projects - Telegram channels, as well as a personal YouTube channel about cryptocurrency and all niches in it, especially about NFT. Active partner of many collections on AtomicHub and other blockchain projects.



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