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Discoperi is an artificial Intelligence company founded in 2016 by Oleksandr Bondarenko.

Discoperi is a deep-tech automotive startup company based in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was founded in late April 2016 by Alex Bondarenko (serial entrepreneur, ex-McKinsey & Company consultant). Discoperi develops products for automotive safety and transport efficiency improvement. The product portfolio includes: System "Eye" hardware device (an internet of things (IoT) device based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, big data, and blockchain) and "City AI" software product (AI-based layer for CCTV infrastructure for stolen vehicle identification and traffic optimisation).


At the end of 2017, Discoperi decided to change the focus towards blockchain and distributed community for data protection and independence. The company aimed to raise external funding through Initial Coin Offering, but due to the mixed reputation of ICOs and as the cryptocurrency market has collapsed, the idea was rejected.

In June 2018, Discoperi opened an R&D office in Kyiv, Ukraine. The same year Discoperi won regional Singaporean final of Startup World Cup with a right to participate in the world's final competition in San Francisco in 2019. Eventually the company rejected to participate in the event. In September 2018, Discoperi has presented the first prototype of "System Eye" at TechCrunch Disrupt. In November 2018, Discoperi has been approved for a grant from European Commission within its program HORIZON 2020 - SME Instrument - Phase 1. Later Discoperi has received several times Seal of Excellence by European Commission.

City AI

City AI is a product, which adds CCTVs AI analytics capabilities. City AI analyses data from CCTV cameras, recognises vehicles by type, makes, models, colours, plate numbers, etc., discovers road inefficiencies, potholes and provides insights for mobility optimisation. City AI beta version was released in June 2020. In Q3 2020 Discoperi generated its first revenue from the product (the first revenue from the company's inception).

Core features of City AI:

  • Counting number of vehicles by direction
  • Understanding behavioural patterns of vehicles
  • Detecting road surface issues (e.g. potholes)
  • Detecting stolen vehicles
  • Recognizing and tracking vehicles by color, brand and generation
  • Optimizing congestion and routing
  • Optimizing road infrastructure
  • Controlling speed and parkingCity AI is a camera-agnostic tool.
System Eye

The System “Eye” consists of three components: an on-board IoT device, AI algorithms and a protocol that connects all devices into a single network. The device may be installed on the windshield of any vehicle in order to identify and parse data such as road situations, vehicles characteristics, and status, driving behaviour, and transfer it to the Cloud.

Core characteristics of the device:

  • 8Mp IR camera 120 degrees front view, Full HD
  • High speed connection (100+ MB) ~250g
  • GPU with 256 cores

Multiple AI neural networks, operating simultaneouslyTo support the data transfer and exchange, Discoperi has also developed a Fast Short Message Protocol (FSMP). So far System Eye product is in the R&D stage.


Since launching the first version of its product System “Eye”, Discoperi has been recognized by several organizations:

  • Regional Startup World Cup at the World Blockchain Summit in Singapore, 2019
  • The best startup in Europe, Startup4Export, 2018 — Impact CEE’ 2018
  • The Best Global Road Safety Technology Company 2018 - US Business News
  • The best startup, Prize 3, 1st Batch 2019 - Startup Hub: Polish Prize
  • New Mobility Infrastructure Project of the Year, Nominee, 2019 - TAAS Technology Awards



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