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Deep-Secure provides security solutions using network border gateway technology.

Deep-Secure is a UK-based company that provides protection products to free user documents and images of malware. Deep-Secure was founded in 2009 and is a private company headquartered in Worcestershire.

The company provides Content Threat Removal (CTR) products to protect user documents and images from document-based malware. Deep-Secure provides Document Download Protection, Email Attachment protection, and Document Upload Protection.


DeepSecure's main products are:

  • Information eXchange (iX)/Application eXchange (AX) : For information exchange from platforms such as email, file sharing, logging and network management applications, etc
  • Gateway eXtension (GX) : For web and social media content
  • File eXchange (FX) : For moving files between stores
  • Policy Engine Guard : To incorporate granular content security policies
  • Data Diode: Creates a uni-directional data flow for data entering or leaving an isolated network or system.

CTR eliminates file-based malware attacks by transforming documents to render them safe, and is designed around a "True Zero Trust Security Model" where every document is assumed to be potentially malicious. The software works via policy rules that inspect all business content for potential threats. Deep Secure’s policy enforcement technology intercepts content at the network boundary and applies content inspection policies to determine whether it should be allowed to pass.


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