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Creative AI

Creative AI

An artificial intelligence company that has a platform on which marketers can utilize data to make better marketing decisions. It is located in London, England and was founded in 2016.

Creative AI is a London-based company which has created an online platform for marketing. Its stated goal is to give businesses the power of a marketing team by using artificial intelligence. The company aims to allow businesses to create better digital content.


Businesses can use the launched mobile application as a platform for developing marketing strategies. Various parts of the marketing process, such as setting goals, creating strategy, developing topics to talk about on social media, which social media to use, and the optimization of the sharing of the content, can be done on the platform.

Creative AI also aims to automate the creation of digital marketing content in an attempt to devise efficient marketing assistance. The interface consists of daily inspirations, which are graphics and visuals of real-time marketing content that is trending. Creative AI uses Big Data in order to obtain this trending information. Users can also upload and access their own content on the platform and engage with their community.



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