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Craig Bouchard

Craig Bouchard

American Entrepreneur

Craig Bouchard is a New York Times best-selling author,  entrepreneur, business leader, environmental activist, and committed father and husband.

Awards and Achievements

Executive Chairman/Founder Ecolution kWh, June 2020 - Present

2018 - S&P Platts Award for the CEO of the Year, Finalist  

2013 - Founder Cambelle-Inland (named for his daughter Cambelle)

2010 - Founder Shale-Inland (named for his daughter Shale)

2005 - Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Illinois Finalist)

2003 - Founder Esmark Inc.

Professional Experience

Craig Bouchard co-founded several companies that earned $1 billion of revenue within 18 months.


Esmark grew from $4 million to nearly $4 billion between 2003 and 2008. It was the highest appreciated stock on the NYSE and Nasdaq in 2008.

Ecolution kWh

Ecolution kWh is an electric trucking company. The company aims to create affordable electric trucks to reduce carbon gas emissions.

Ecolution kWh's Module Active Response System (MARS) is a software application that orchestrates the generation of electricity within semi-trucks. The company earned its first US patent in June 2020. MARS extends the range of electric trucks by storing the kinetic energy generated during cross-country runs. This stored energy can later be reused. MARS minimizes the recharge time for electric trucks because the vehicles don't have to stop every 500 miles to recharge. MARS provides a mobile recharging station that enables the swap of batteries.


Craig Bouchard made the New York Times Best Seller list with "The Caterpillar Way. Lessons in Leadership, Growth and Shareholder Value." The book topped Barnes & Noble's Best Seller List and reached #8 on the New York Times Best Seller. The book was co-authored by Dr. James V. Koc).

Bouchard's "The Adventures of Ai" was published in 2014. It has been translated to Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, and Arabic. The video version of the story achieved 200,000 downloads on Google Play, Apple and Samsung.


Craig holds a Bachelors's Degree from Illinois State University, 1975

Masters Degree in Economics from Illinois State University, 1977

University of Chicago, 1981, MBA

Honorary Doctorate of Science from Illinois State University

Distinguishing Positions

Craig Bouchard is on the Board of Directors of New York REIT. He formerly served on the Boston University's Board of Directors and the University of Montana Foundation. Bouchard serves on the Leadership Board of Athletics at Duke University and completed the Leadership Greater Chicago program. He was a 2005 Illinois finalist in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.


Craig Bouchard holds U.S. Patent 4,212,168 for Power Producing Dry-Type Cooling Systems


Craig Bouchard is married to Melissa Nelson Bouchard and the couple has six children. Two of the companies founded by Bouchard were named after daughters Cambelle and Shale.



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