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City Transport Group

City Transport Group

City Transport Group (Ukrainian: City Transport Group) is a Ukrainian company specializing in manufactured public land transport. The main products are city, suburban and tourist buses.в

Brief information

The main production facilities are located in three cities of Ukraine: Lvov, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye. The main office is located in Kiev.

City Transport Group is a management company coordinating the organization of the LAZ holding (Lviv Bus Plant). The company is engaged in the development and production of cars for megacities of all directions. City Transport Group specializes in equipping transport systems, including urban and intercity transportation. Cars are made taking into account the needs of various groups of passengers, including children and passengers with disabilities.

Main activities

Creation, implementation, production, export and service of urban public transport for megacities buses, trolleybuses and trams

Creation, production, export of self-propelled chassis for the production of buses, creation, production, export of ambulances

Creation, production, export of mobile medical clinics (MMC)

Creation, implementation, production, export of special transport for airports

Design and construction of trolleybus power lines

Attraction of financing, implementation of leasing projects, vehicle rental


The company started its activity in 2007. Igor Anatolyevich Churkin (CEO) created and headed the City Transport Group company.

The structure of City Transport Group includes three plants for the production of urban transport and buses in particular:

CJSC Lviv Bus Plant, which is part of the City Transport Group, was established in April 1946. Since 1960, it has produced more than 16,500 buses and trolleybuses annually, exported products to 49 countries of the world and produced a total of more than 365,000 buses of medium, large and extra large classes.


"City Transport Group" privatized the Lviv Bus Plant, having won an open tender held by the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

"City Transport Group" has developed and introduced into the production of "LAZ" the first low-floor bus A-183 in the CIS.


"City Transport Group" produced the first low-floor 18-meter "accordion" bus in the CIS at the Lviv plant.

"City Transport Group" produces in Lviv the first in Ukraine one-and-a-half-story tourist bus "NEOLAZ"


City Transport Group produces Ukraine's first low-floor trolleybus in Lviv.


"City Transport Group" in Lviv create the first in Ukraine 18-meter trolleybus.


City Transport Group has developed a new model of a low-floor accordion bus 18.8 meters in Lviv. "STG" certifies management, production and products according to international quality standards ISO 9001.

City Transport Group is developing a new model of a special apron bus AEROLAZ AX-183. From January 2007, these apron buses AEROLAZ AX-183 began to serve Romanian airports. The buses were specially designed to serve air passengers according to the requirements and standards of IKAO, which had no analogues in the CIS countries.


City Transport Group won an international tender and delivered the first batch of 80 such buses to Macedonia. City Transport Group continues to invest in safety research, modernization and rationalization of production technology. Manufactured products now comply with the new environmental standards "Euro-4, Euro-5".


City Transport Group won the tender of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the supply of the first 1,000 buses and trolleybuses for cities hosting the European Football Championship EURO-2012. The supply of buses and trolleybuses under contracts has begun.

In January 2009, a contract was signed for the supply of 84 city buses to the capital of Macedonia, the city of Skopje. EURO 2012. The government of Ukraine entrusted to provide the cities hosting the championship with new public transport.


On March 30, 2010, a memorandum was signed between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and City Transport Group for the supply of 2,000 buses and trolleybuses for cities hosting the European Football Championship EURO-2012. Buses and trolleybuses "STG" produced by LAZ and DAZ have become the basic public transport throughout Ukraine.

City Transport Group launched production at LAZ, the first in the CIS asynchronous low-floor trolleybus 18.8 meters long with two traction motors, specially ordered by the cities hosting the European Football Championship EURO-2012.

City Transport Group launched the A-183 low-floor bus at the DAZ in Dneprodzerzhinsk in order to fulfill the contract with the cities hosting the European Football Championship EURO-2012. DAZ enterprises in Dneprodzerzhinsk and LAZ in Lvov switched to a two-shift mode of operation due to an increase in output.


City Transport Group has developed and put into production at DAZ in Dneprodzerzhinsk a new line of suburban semi-low-floor buses CITY-10 (10 meters) and CITY-12 (12 meters). Execution of contracts with cities hosting the European Football Championship EURO-2012 continues.

In the framework of European cooperation, in June 2011 City Transport Group and the Croatian company Koncar-Electric Vehicles signed a protocol of intent to start joint production of low-floor trams.


"City Transport Group" began to produce in Dneprodzerzhinsk a new model of an intercity bus of the middle class LINER 9 meters long.

A contract was signed for the supply of 100 units of 18-meter E-301 trolleybuses for Kiev.

As part of the start of cooperation with the leading European engineering concern ALSTOM, "STG" got the opportunity to get acquainted with the best world knowledge and experience in the field of creation and production of rail transport.


City Transport Group is expanding its municipal transport product line and, as part of a joint partnership with the French ALSTOM, acquires an international license for the production of the famous CITADIS tram model. In June 2013 "STG" signs an agreement with ALSTOM in the presence of the Prime Minister of Ukraine and the Government of Ukraine at the arena of the Olympic Stadium in Kiev. After successful negotiations to attract European funding, a contract is being prepared for the supply of the first 100 trams for Kiev. Thanks to the experience gained in the development of trams, the Ukrainian holding "LAZ" and the French engineering concern Alstom in June 2013 signed an agreement on the joint production of trams. And about a year later, a prototype was produced - a prototype of a low-floor tram.

In April 2013, City Transport Group signed a contract to supply Bulgaria with eight 12-meter low-floor trolleybuses of the LAZ brand, with the possibility of autonomous running and an asynchronous motor. The approximate amount of the contract is about UAH 16 million.


City Transport Group continued to create a line of LINER buses and launched production in Dneprodzerzhinsk of more spacious versions of the intercity bus of the middle class LINER with a length of 10 and 12 meters.

In order to diversify sales channels for STG products, a priority program is being adopted to develop the markets of South and Central America, Africa and the Middle East.

Igor Churkin, General Director of City Transport Group, and Oleg Betin, Governor of the Tambov Region, signed an agreement on social and economic cooperation. On the basis of the Michurinsky Automobile Repair Plant, it is planned to produce buses, trolleybuses, special equipment for at least 850 million rubles a year.


"City Transport Group" expands the geography of product sales outside the European continent. Offices are being opened and negotiations are underway with the countries of the Arabian Gulf, South America and Southeast Asia. On June 28, 2015, City Transport Group signed a contract for the production and supply of 289 CTG-183 buses (with a MAN engine running on compressed methane gas) for the capital of Egypt, Cairo, for $70 million. [thirteen]

However, the domestic market for the Ukrainian company has always been a priority. In August 2015, City Transport Group won a tender for the supply of 10 air-conditioned E-183 trolleybuses to the city of Dnepropetrovsk.

Awards and certificates
  • Diploma of the Guinness Book of Records for the largest number of astronauts transported by bus in the world.
  • Diploma of the Guinness Book of Records for the world's first bus that delivered the first astronaut of the planet to the launch pad.
  • Certificate of compliance with environmental standards "Euro-4" and "Euro-5".
  • Certificate of conformity to international quality standards ISO 9001.



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