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A company with a social media platform that could be used to generate social media content for businesses. It was located in Clayton, Missouri and went out of business in 2018.


Champio was a Missouri-based company that created a social media platform which encouraged employees from participating companies to share social media posts in the form of a competition with the goal of creating media engagement for the business.The company participated in the Prosper Capital Accelerator 1/1/15 cohort and raised an estimated $50,000.


Users of the platform were employees from businesses that wanted to utilize it for marketing purposes. Employees could capture social media content regarding the company and suggest it for advertising use to the company's marketing department. The platform made it a competition between employees who would receive points if their posts were selected. Winning posts would be used on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and the employee who created the post would be rewarded.

Champio's software also had algorithms to predict which social media posts would be the most successful in reaching the client's audience. The algorithms were based off of past post performances and allowed for marketers to choose social media posts that would create the most follower engagement for their business' specific audience.



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Jolijt Tamanaha


August 31, 2015


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