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Cellium is a Tel Aviv-based provider of wireless infrastructure, managed by an artificial intelligence cloud-based software.


Cellium is a developer of a reliable, scalable, and secure wireless infrastructure for indoor wireless connectivity. The company offers a Wi-Fi solution that combines existing single access point technology with multiple antennas to provide full capacity all around the home or business and is compatible with all existing indoor wireless technologies, including the latest cellular 5G, WiFi 6/6E, and IoT networks.

The wireless solution intends to offer a wide area wireless network without the need for management applications and controllers or roaming and handovers, while moving through a space. This is to offer large area coverage without a need for network management, and offers less interference and higher security.

Diagram of Cellium's indoor wireless solution.

Cellium's indoor wireless coverage system is comprised of a Cellium base unit that distributes analog RF signals to various remote units mounted in the indoor space. The analog signal is distributed over existing in-wall cables, such as CATx or Coax. The base unit can connect to the RF interface of any third-party signal source or WiFi access point.

The company's solution uses technology and SoC convert radio signals, such as Cellular small cell/RU, WiFi AP, or IoT hub at the base unit cable edge, and distributes it over existing in-wall cables. These cables carry the signals in the analog domain to multiple radio remote units, which can be installed where necessary. This system is intended to cover the latest cellular and WiFi communication protocols to transmit a wide bandwidth on multiple frequencies and with high modulation rates. The WiFi access points in the network also occupy the largest available spectrum to reduce congestion and network rate drops.

Cellium's solution is also intended to be able to quickly adapt to new frequencies for 5G and WiFi 6 or 6E standards in higher mid-band spectrum. This is in part to meet the requirements for high frequency and high bandwidth technologies and deployments that require significant investment in infrastructure such as RF cables, fibers, radios, and installations for new technologies. As well, the company builds the deployments to be future-proof and replace new bands and protocols.


October 21, 2020
Cellium raises a $1,330,000 seed round from GlenRock Israel and OurCrowd.

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