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Cana Technology

Cana Technology

Cana Technology is a company that created the world's first molecular beverage printer.

Cana Technology is a company that created the world's first molecular beverage printer. It was founded by Lance Kizer in 2019. The company has remained in stealth mode since its founding, until its January 2022 unveiling of its first product, the beverage printer.

Beverage printer

On January 24, 2022, Cana announced its first completed product, a molecular beverage printer, the first in the world. It can produce thousands of types and variations of beverages, from juice and energy drinks to alcohol. The science of the machine comes from scientists having identified and isolated trace compounds of the flavors and aromas that make up thousands of unique commercial beverages. The scientists behind the technology created a universal beverage ingredient set, also the world's first, which is what enables the machine to create its many different drinks by using a simple set of ingredients printed out of a long-lasting cartridge of ingredients. The printer was funded with $30 million in venture funding from The Production Board.

The beverage printer uses water and various ingredient cartridges to produce drinks. One ingredient cartridge can produce over one hundred types of beverages, and lasts from one to three months. The device has a smart sensor that is able to tell when a cartridge is low, and automatically reorders it for the user. Cartridges are also able to be sent back to the company for recycling. Cana has partnered with commercial companies to recreate their beverages, and has also come up with its own ingredient combinations. Drink ingredients can be customized and the amounts of ingredients adjusted, with options such as low-sugar beverages or extra alcohol in a cocktail. The price of the machine and anticipated date of its public release is expected to be announced by the end of February 2022.

Kizer, the company's founder, invented the machine in the hopes of reducing the amount of single-use beverage containers used by the average American family, which is purported to be over 100 containers per month. He stated:

Cana's goal is to limit the number of packaged drinks that people buy to cut down on singular waste for minimal environmental impact. The food and beverage industry needs to be reimagined so that the world can escape carbon-intensive, trash-generating, 20th century centralized systems of production. Our vision at Cana is to make the global beverage industry sustainable with molecular printers in every home, so people can get any drink they want, anytime they want – without torching the planet.


January 24, 2022
Cana Technology unveils its first product, a molecular beverage printer.
January 21, 2022
Cana Technology raises a $30,000,000 seed round from The Production Board.
Cana Technology is founded.

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