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A company utilizing BMI and Neurofeedback to optimize brain potential.

BrainCo develops cognitive training technology products and cognitive-based products using expertise in machine learning, design and neuroscience. The company’s Focus1 Headband is a wireless EEG headband that uses hydrogel sensors. Software and algorithms evaluate brain states by examining over a thousand EEG features in real-time and uses brain modeling to determine brain states. BrainCo’s technology and platforms are based on neuroscience and neurofeedback research. The MIT Media Lab used the BrainCo Focus1 headband to study relationships between engagement and testing success.


Brainco offers a STEM Kit with the BrainCo STEM hand for educators and learners to explore STEM fields that provide a curriculum, hardware and programming tools for students to explore computer science STEM, Career Technical Education, Biomedical Engineering and Biotech.

FocusCalm is a headband that senses brainwave activity and connects to an app to understand stress levels and complete exercises and games to reduce stress. FocusSDK performs wireless brain measurements with an EEG headband. BrainCo’s neuroscience and EEG platform can be integrated with various products. FocusEDU is for teachers and students to track learning improvements and identify engaging activites.

The BrainCo Dexus Prosthetic Hand is for amputees and allows users to train a new gesture in 10-15 minutes. Electrical signals delivered by muscles at the end of the remaining limb are processed and interpreted to perform the desired movement with the prosthetic hand.


December 2016
BrainCo raises a $5,500,000 seed round from Startupbootcamp.
November 2016
BrainCo raises a $50,000 grant from MassChallenge.
March 2015
BrainCo raises a $400,000 seed round.

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By Kitti Palmai
October 10, 2021
BBC News
Devices that measure brainwaves are increasingly being used by athletes to improve their performance.
Jeremy Kaplan
January 6, 2021
Digital Trends
Before CES 2021, let's take a look back at the gear we've highlighted from the last decade to see when we picked the marvels ... and when we've missed the magic.
By James Pero In Las Vegas For
January 10, 2020
Mail Online
While other prosthetics have achieved similar feats, BrainCo is granular enough that a wearer can move each and every individual finger, restoring not just grip but many fine-motor tasks.


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