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Bling Capital

Bling Capital

Bling Capital is an early stage venture fund.


Bling Capital filed for several funds in February 2019.

  • Bling Capital Fund I LP is a $58.03 million venture capital fund that will serve as the firm’s primary investment vehicle. 160 investors contributed capital to the fund.
  • Bling Capital Fund I Opps LP is another investment vehicle targeting $30 million in capital commitments, of which $27.3 million was raised from 102 limited partners.
  • Bling Capital Fund I-A LP is a sidecar fund that was fully raised with $1.97 million committed from 34 investors.

Additionally, the firm filed paperwork for a $7 million special purpose vehicle for its investment in Neutron Holdings, the legal name of electric scooter and bike service Lime. Bling Capital was a participant in Lime’s $310 million Series D round, which was announced in February 2019.


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