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Bitcoiva is a Tamil Nadu-based company.

Launched on June 2020. Bitcoiva is the Next-generation crypto-trading platform that supports various forms of transactions such as Fiat to Crypto trading, Crypto to Crypto trading and direct purchase option. Instant, fast and easy transactions are possible with Bitcoiva. Bitcoiva itself holds a coin token called as BCA (bitcoiva) which carries the volume of 21 million which is equal to Bitcoin’s volume. According to numbers Bitcoiva is the Fast-growing & India’s most leading crypto exchange. A prominent characteristic of Bitcoiva makes the customer to succeed in trading & exchanging. We work for you 24/7 process.We help you with Instant INR withdrawal and deposits.Faster order mapping & High liquidity trade order books.Instant swap with high volume exchange between Fiat to crypto & Crypto to Fiat.We keep things simple & firm for better usage.We collect required forms for KYC verification and other data necessary to keep your account safe, secure, up to date and performing as expected.We Minimized our process in your hand. Download Bitcoiva mobile app for Android on Google play. Our goal is to get a community of people’s and help each other to achieve their profit goals with cryptocurrency.Visit Website: support@bitcoiva.comContact: +91-9443888663, +91-7904949798



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January 26, 2022

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