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BiShares offers decentralized Exchange Traded Funds (dETFs) for safe crypto diversification and yield farming on multiple-chains. BISON is BiShares governance token and is used to vote for all the proposals related to the protocol, holders earn platform fees.

BiShares price today is $1.18 USD with a daily trading volume of $36,696.52 USD. We update our BISON price to USD in real time. BiShares is down 20.61 in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap rating is #1964 with a market capitalization of $507,615 USD. The circulating supply is 431,235 BISON coins and max. offer of 1,000,000 BISON coins.

BISON is the DAO token of BiShares. This token will be the key to unlocking voting powers, making proposal changes to the protocol, and earn rewards from the use of the platform.

Stake in the BISON pool and earn platform fees in the form of BUSD delivered directly to your wallet

BISON holds the power to decide on the future of the BiShares protocol. Vote on what new funds or crypto assets get added to the platform.

Buy and swap BISON on both BSC and Fantom. Bridge your asset from either blockchain to gain more utility for your asset.

The BiShares team is a global effort of DeFi visionaries across many diciplines and backgrounds. Learn more about the team behind BiShares – follow the team social media below.

BISON has 1 million max supply with a 2-year emission schedule. It will be the key to vote and create proposals for the protocol. BISON stakers earn rewards from the use of the platform with every mint and burn of fund tokens.


Use your BISON to vote on the future of BiShares. Vote and submit proposals that will relate to the future development and expansion of the platform.


A portion of all fees paid on the BiShares platform are sent to the “staking reward pool”. Users can earn a proportional share of this rewards pool by staking their BISON.

Staking Rewards

Stake BISON to earn more BISON via the BISON pool. Receive a share of the allocated BISON emissions in proportion to your stake in the pool.

All platform fees are collected in the BiShares treasury from every mint, burn, and ArbEx trade. A portion of all platform fees are then redistributed to the community via the staking contract. Receive an airdrop reward of BUSD directly to your wallet once a month in proportion to your staked amount in the BISON Pool.

*All staking mechanics, including the criteria for staking, are subject to future change.



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BiShares Review ~ Decentralized ETFs For The Wider BSC and Crypto Community Smart DeFi

September 22, 2021

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