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BeeX is a Singapore-based manufacturer of autonomous underwater vehicles for underwater inspections.


BeeX is a manufacturer of Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (HAUV) built to provide underwater inspection in industrial environments. The vehicles are intended to be integrated with advanced reporting and analytical software tools, to help service providers remove workers from dangerous environments and to reduce their carbon footprint. These vehicles are also designed to be launched and recovered from Autonomous Surface Vehicles.

BeeX was founded with a multi-disciplinary team, offering experiences in marine robotics, autonomous self-driving, electronic design, and naval architecture. The company was spun-off from the National University of Singapore, with over a decade of research and development conducted at the university.

The following are other partners of the company:

  • National University of Singapore
  • AI and Robotics Ventures
  • Origgin
  • Republic of Singapore Yacht Club
  • Nvidia Inception Program
  • Enterprise Singapore
  • Microsoft for Startups

BeeX's A.IKANBILIS Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (HAUV) is built to perform repetitive tasks with advanced autonomy and to enable better data and insights into large scale infrastructure, such as offshore wind farms, floating solar, and aquaculture farms. The HAUV is built to work in high currents and with low visibility, using a custom propulsion, electronics, and sensor fusion technology. These systems are in turn tested in-field to ensure operational conditions. This is to enable industrial infrastructure inspections with less risk to workers.

A.IKANBILIS is built to be hardware-ready to support autonomy upgrades, allowing the HAUV to improve over time. The software included in the A.IKANBILIS is integrated and optimized to work with the existing hardware, which hosts a GPU and CPU running subsea, with AI for real-time Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) to enable predictive asset integrity and maintenance.

Sambal OS

When the data is collected from the A.IKANBILIS, it is almost immediately made available after the inspection, through the Sambal OS software. This software allows multiple stakeholders to collaborate and make decisions over how assets change over time. Further, BeeX has stated they are working to invest in algorithms to increasingly update the A.IKANBILIS and Sambal OS's capability of automating data processing, in order to process the data and offer possible insights three to five times faster.


November 2, 2021
BeeX raises 7-digit Seed Investment in a round led by Cap Vista, with participation from Quest Ventures, IMC Ventures, SEEDS Capital, and the National University of Singapore.
February 8, 2021
BeeX partners with Sulmara Subsea APAC
November 18, 2020
A.IKANBILIS inspects floating solar farm
February 9, 2020
ARV collaborates with BeeX to develop Inspection AUV

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