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Bashkir State University

Bashkir State University

Bashkir State University is located in Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia, founded in 1909, is a classical university of Russia.

Bashkir State University is located in Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia, founded in 1909, is a classical university of Russia.


Bashkir State University is a center for postgraduate studies which provides postgraduate courses in 56 scientific majors and doctoral courses in 8 scientific majors. There are 10 doctoral and 3 candidate dissertation councils which are responsible for defense and awarding academic degrees in 23 majors.

It is home to famous Bashkirians, as well as Russian scientists, researchers, mathematicians, economists, and poets. It is strong in organic chemistry, applied mathematics, philology, information technology, geophysics, and petroleum engineering. Many prominent applied mathematicians and physicists were among the faculty at Bashkir State University, including Academicians Nikolay Bogolyubov, Alexei Leontiev, Valentin Napalkov and Professor of Philology Gabdulkhay Kh. Akhatov.

In Ufa (from 1941 to 1943) Academician Bogolyubov developed his famous method of averaging.

Graduated from the University of poets Mustai Karim, Gilemdar Ramazanov, Igor Saveliev and others.

Institutes and faculties

Bashkir State University faculties are:

1. Bashkir Academy of Comprehensive Business Safety and Security

2. Institute of Law

3. Institute of Physics and Technology

4. Faculty of Bashkir Philology and Journalism, Faculty of Biology

5. Faculty of Chemistry,[6] Faculty of Economics

7. Faculty of Geography

8. Faculty of History, Faculty of Chemistry and Technology, Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies

9. Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Philosophy and Sociology

10. Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, Faculty of public professions

11. Faculty of public professions

12. College BSU.

General departments

Department of Life Safety and Environment Protection;

Humanities Foreign Languages Chair;

Natural Faculties Department of Foreign Languages;

Department of Pedagogy;

The Department of Physical Education and Sport.


The university has branches in Sterlitamak, Birsk, Uchaly, Sibai, Neftekamsk.

Former name

Ufa Teacher Institute (1909–1919)

People's Education Institute (1919–1923)

Practic Institute (1923–1929)

Temiryazev Bashkir Pedagogical Institute (1929–1957)

40 years of Octouber Bashkir State University (1957–1991)

Bashkir State University (since 1991)



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