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Ark Invest

ARK Investment Management LLC is an American investment management firm based in St. Petersburg, Florida that manages several actively managed exchange-traded funds (ETFs)

ARK Invest is a private investment start-up and founded on the principle of Open Source Research. The Company specializes in thematic investing and focuses on key areas of disruptive innovation, including genomics, industrial transformation, and the next generation of web development. The Genomic Revolution is one of ARK’s thematic research fields and areas of investment opportunity. It is revolutionizing the way biological information is collected and processed and will extend and enhance people's lives.

Areas of original research include agricultural biology, bioinformatics, instrumentation, molecular medicine, genomic sequencing, and stem cells. ARK’s Industrial Innovation is focused on technological advancements surrounding manufacturing and production. The Company's original research areas are 3D printing, alternative energy sources, autonomous vehicles, development of infrastructure, innovative materials, robotics, and space exploration. Web x.0 is the third area of thematic research and investment opportunity. The research looks at big data, cloud computing, crypto currencies, devices, digital education, health care, internet of things, the smart grid, and the sharing economy.

In 2014, after Cathie Wood's idea for actively managed exchange-traded funds based on disruptive innovation was deemed too risky by AllianceBernstein, where she was chief investment officer of global thematic strategies, she left and founded Ark Invest.

In October 2014, the company launched its first four active funds: the Innovation ETF, the Genomic Revolution ETF, the Next Generation Internet ETF and the Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF. These were followed by the Fintech Innovation ETF in 2019 and the Space Exploration & Innovation ETF in 2021.

The company also maintains three index funds: the 3D Printing ETF, launched in 2016, the Israel Innovative Technology ETF, launched in 2017, and the Transparency ETF, launched in 2021.

In November 2020, Resolute Investment Managers announced it would exercise its option to acquire a majority stake in the company. However, in December 2020, Cathie Wood repurchased the option, maintaining control of the company, while continuing to use Resolute's distribution services, obtaining financing from Eldridge Industries. Resolute Investment remains a minority shareholder.

In December 2020, the Innovation ETF became the largest actively managed ETF, with $17 billion in assets under management and a 170% return in 2020. On January 11, 2021, the company became one of the top 10 issuers of exchange-traded funds.

In June 2021, the firm filed to create a bitcoin ETF under the ticker ARKB, pending approval of the SEC, which had yet to approve any ETF based on the asset.

In October 2021, the firm moved its office from New York City to St. Petersburg, Florida.


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September 15, 2021
The Economic Times
Wood cited disappointing job growth in August and weakening consumer price index figures as signs that the U.S. economy will grow at a pace slower than many on Wall Street expected at the start of the year.
August 21, 2021
The Economic Times
As Tesla struggled with production problems, dwindling cash and an erratic Musk in 2018, Wood gave a full-throated defense of the company, her largest single holding. That began an unlikely mind meld between Wood and the new generation of tech-focused, risk-hungry people who started trading in droves in 2020.
Yogita Khatri
June 1, 2021
The Block
Cathie Wood's Ark Invest currently holds over 4 million shares of Coinbase. Why is Ark so bullish on Coinbase?
Vicky Ge Huang
May 29, 2021
Business Insider
Cathie Wood reveals why she hired an ether miner after investing $20 million in the Grayscale Ethereum Trust; Tom Brady unveils his new NFT platform.
Matthew Fox
May 26, 2021
The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is the sixth largest holding of the Ark Next Generation Internet ETF, with 7.6 million shares worth about $240 million.


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