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Amphenol Procom

Amphenol Procom

Amphenol Procom specializes in wireless communication connectivity solutions for a variety of markets.


Amphenol Procom is headquartered in Denmark and the UK, where the company has its manufacturing centers. The company provides solutions for wireless communication connectivity applications in various market segments, such as public safety, aviation, telecom, hazardous environments, IoT, transportation, and industry.

Amphenol Procom has over 7000 products in its portfolio, chiefly covering base station antennas, portable and mobile antennas, combiners, filters, and distributed antenna system (DAS) solutions. Amphenol Procom has three sales subsidiaries and a network of dealers covering the globe. In addition, the company collaborates directly with several large international customers within the industry.

Amphenol Corporation

Amphenol Procom is a subsidiary of the Amphenol Corporation, a manufacturer of interconnect products. The company designs and produces electrical, electronic, and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cables, and interconnect systems.


The company is composed of three distinct brands: Procom, Jaybeam, and Skymasts. The company's beginnings date back to 1948 with the conception of Jaybeam, a supplier of antennas to the UK market. From that point onward, Jaybeam had developed into a supplier of PMR/trunked radio and cellular base station antennas for a worldwide customer base.

Procom was established in Denmark in 1980 by seven RF engineers and grew to an established brand through its focus on customizable, high-quality filter and antenna products for the public safety market. The third brand, Skymasts, was a British antenna manufacturer specializing in the production of PMR base station antennas that merged with Procom in 2014.

Target markets

Amphenol Procom's solutions serve the following markets:

  • Public safety: Emergency voice and data services for public safety organizations
  • Aviation: Professional wireless communication systems for aircraft communications, navigation, security, and airfield handling
  • LTE450: Long-range communication infrastructure for the entire RF ecosystem
  • Transportation: Voice communications, data, and fleet management for commercial and public safety vehicles
  • IoT: Base station antennas for large-scale data transfer
  • Industry: Worker safety and automated machine-to-machine communications for control and monitoring
  • Telecommunication: The company's products, typically covering outdoor macro networks and indoor micro-networks, are utilized by cellular operators and system integrators
  • Marine: RF communication equipment for offshore and onshore operations within the marine segment
  • Military: RF equipment for secure communication lines on land, sea, or in the air.
  • Hazardous environments: Antennas and radio equipment to reduce the risk of explosion associated with the production of oil and gas

Case studies

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