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Alba Orbital Limited

Alba Orbital Limited

Alba Orbital Limited is a Glasgow-based company that builds and designs small commercial satellite platforms.

Alba Orbital Limited is a European pico-satellite company situated in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. Founded by Tom Walkinshaw in 2012, the company specializes in PocketQube satellites technology and launch.

Alba Orbital's mission as a large pico-sat company is to get more individuals building and launching their own satellites. The company provides a hub of support for the fledgling class of PocketQube satellites by building their own platforms and providing parts and launch to companies, universities and space agencies all over the world. The company continues to launch PocketQubes after their first launch on the 6th of December 2019, through the Rocketlab Electron Launch Vehicle. Partnering with the European Space Agency (ESA), Alba Orbital developed a PocketQube platform called Unicorn-2.


August 2021
Rocket Lab to launch four PocketQube Satellites for Alba Orbital .
July 2021
Alba Ortbital becomes the first Scottish company to receive funding through Y Combinator.
October 5, 2012
Alba Orbital Limited was founded by Tom Walkinshaw.

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