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Holistic gaming ecosystemGamesPad is a decentralized VC, multichain launchpad, and game incubator that provides equal opportunities for retail buyers to invest in the future built by the most powerful crypto gaming projects. It is focused on the most prosperous fields today – gaming, NFT, and the metaverse.

Einzigartige GamesPad NFTs werden am 14. Januar auf dem OKEx NFT-Marktplatz geliste

You are the future - Bot, Cyborg, Android, Humanoid and Crypto Ninja. Exclusive GamesPad NFTs will appear on the OKEx NFT Marketplace on January 14th.

Tortola / British Virgin Islands / January 2022 / -- The GameFi world is already poised for a new era with the launch of GamesPad, the ultimate gaming, NFT and Metaverse ecosystem. GamesPad is proud to have its limited edition NFTs listed on the OKEx NFT marketplace where crypto enthusiasts from around the world can buy, sell and trade these rare digital assets.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) have become even more popular. With sales of approximately $11 billion in Q3 2021, it's easy to see that this new technology has already grown into a large and booming industry. Public awareness of NFT has skyrocketed over the past year with record sales in the market and we can confidently say that 2022 has something even more significant, impressive and exciting ahead of us.

Meet the most anticipated NFT collection

The power of NFTs is directly related to their global reach, and strong partnerships with marketplaces like OKEx NFT allow GamesPad NFTs to reach their full potential. The seasoned professionals behind GamesPad are proud to present new NFTs to the world: Bot, Cyborg, Android, Humanoid and Crypto Ninja.

Bot is no longer a program. He is unique, strong and brave. With skills well beyond day-to-day operations, Bot is willing to give up everything to find his new purpose, a new life in the vastness of the cryptoverse, a deep understanding of the truth and how he can change the world for the better can as he breaks out of the form that created him.

He died fighting for his planet, but that was just the beginning of his incredible journey. He got a new body of iron and a second life. He lives on the border between two worlds and is neither a robot nor a human. Nothing in the human world attracts him more, for he has tasted an addictive taste of greater power and freedom


His style says one word - power. Android performs a billion operations per second. Speed is his life and passion, and his artificial intelligence is hard to beat. Android transmits information remotely through touch. Android is no ordinary robot. He is definitely much more. Are you ready to meet him? You will never forget this acquaintance.


Resembling a human but perfectly programmed - a humanoid is ready for any challenge or creature it encounters. The world must be ready to face his terrible wrath. May I introduce: Humanoid.


Elegant, powerful and unmatched. Crypto Ninja is an assassin warrior raised by elite fighters. He's a great spy and scout who hides in the light and uses shadows as deadly weapons. He's a covert agent and mercenary capable of lightning-fast disappearances, killing his opponents with a light snap of his fingers or even a cursory glance. His goals are complex and he wants to achieve great things at all costs and will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. Will you be the chosen one, his next student?

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The gaming industry is evolving and expanding into many different digital spaces, encompassing new sectors of the cryptocurrency industry, where user experiences are transforming, and game economics have completely shifted gears. The market capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency industry already sits at over $2 trillion1.

As the industry evolves, the decentralized platforms must shift as well or get left behind. However, many Defi companies are still working within silos: on one or two blockchains and with only certain coins. On top of that, the economic opportunities available through NFT's, and the desire for startups to have support in their new projects lends to the need for a comprehensive crypto-gaming platform that will support every aspect of these endeavors.

GamesPad seeks to dynamically embrace the most promising sectors of the industry by building a holistic gaming, NFT and metaverse ecosystem, backed by a successful team of industry experts. GamesPad is the world's first 360-degree blockchain gaming platform that brings together a game-specific launchpad, game incubator, NFT aggregator and marketplace, multichain yield aggregator, big gaming studio partnerships, staking and farming pools, and in-house game development studio - all in one place.

GamesPad has the potential to lead the industry through its two main missions: to support gaming projects and democratize early-stage investing for retail buyers. It guides game startups from a concept to execution and public launch. It also provides the opportunity for retail buyers to invest in the future built by the most powerful crypto gaming projects.

This holistic approach with an inclusive throughline from one end of the industry to the other, increases project success, mitigates obvious risks, ensures profitable returns, and perpetuates the momentum of the booming crypto universe.


January 21, 2022
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January 21, 2022
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