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Unima (company)

Unima (company)

A company developing diagnostic and disease surveillance technology for infectious diseases

Unima is a company that looks to provide health and biological diagnostics as well as track infectious diseases. The company was founded by Alejandro Nuno, Jose Luis Nuno, Laura Mendoza, and Rodrigo in 2014, in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico.

The company was created to develop technologies that help anybody to diagnose diseases without having to use lab equipment, and without any training. The results that users receive are priced at $1 per test and are available within fifteen minutes of starting the test. They look to reduce the cost and time of diagnostics.

Unima has developed a low-cost tuberculosis triage test that works by collecting blood via fingerprick, depositing the sample on their proprietary Find TB device, and then taking a picture of the test to receive results via the Zplora application. The proteins in the paper test device provides biomarkers in the sample which generates a visual reaction that the Xplora app can detect.

The company is partnered with companies like PAT, Stop TB Partnership, iLead, Fraunhofer, Universitas Indonesia, and global good.


March 2019
Unima raises a $1,900,000 seed round from Avalancha Ventures, Dan Knox, Elizabeth Iorns, Eric Urhane, Genesis Capital Ventures, Investo, Matt Cutts, Paul Buchheit, Social Capital, Thomas James and Y Combinator.

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