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Tripbtoz is a South Korean-based company developing an online travel platform.

Tripbtoz is the developer of an online, customized travel guide platform created to offer recommendations about vacation and travel packages. The platform allows users to search for hotels around the world, book flights, rent cars, submit and read real-time reviews, and others. It also allows customers to buy different holiday activity packages according to their preferences and trends.

Prior to the trip, the platform allows customers to search for places. During the trip, users are able to create content and follow desired recommendations by Tripbtoz. After the trip, users can upload memories into the app. Those who upload videos get discount coupons as incentives. Tripbtoz, after its Series B raise, is looking to expand to Singapore and San Francisco.

Jiha Jung, the founder of Tripbtoz stated:

“This MZ generation wants self-expression, versus the previous generation who had social connection needs and before that, safety needs and survival needs. We want to create a one-stop platform that travellers use at every stage of their travel.”


October 25, 2021
Tripbtoz raises a $5,090,658 series B round.
January 5, 2020
Tripbtoz raises a $2,829,024 series A round.
March 11, 2018
Tripbtoz raises a $464,859 seed round.

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